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The environmental benefits of using non-toxic materials during the vehicle repair process

Vehicles have a very big environmental impact before they have even reached the road. During the production and repair phases, when the vehicle is sitting in the workshop, toxic chemicals are being released into the atmosphere due to plastics, paints, battery acids and more. This negative impact can be countered with the use of non-toxic materials. Read about the benefits of using non-toxic materials during the repair process:

Qualitative reduction of impact

Changing the type of materials that are used during the vehicle repair process is important. Most repair elements, from the oils to the paints, are toxic and release emissions that have a negative impact on the environment. Using non-toxic products or product with low toxicity levels such as paint is beneficial to the environment as it reduces air pollution.

Quantitative reduction of impact

The environmental effect is also due to the quantity of the toxic products that are used. Though it is not ideal, there are a few toxic products in the automotive repair industry that are not interchangeable. If the usage of these products can be minimised during the vehicle repair process, then the environmental impact of these materials will lessen. The less toxic products that are used, the less toxins are emitted into the atmosphere.


By avoiding the use of non-toxic materials during the vehicle repair process, you are also decreasing the amount of toxic waste that is disposed of. Most toxic waste is not biodegradable or reusable, which means that it will be left in the waste, emitting toxins for years to come.

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