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Paintless Dent Removal

Dents ‘N All offer fast, convenient and affordable options for Paintless Dent Removal, depending on the damage sustained by your vehicle.

This Dent Removal service is mainly used to work out small damage, such as door dings, hail damage or creases, and offers you the opportunity to restore your car to premium condition without having to fork out for body shop repair and respraying.

This intricate process sees our expert staff use specialised tools to push or pull out dents without damaging the paint. In worst case scenarios, there may be no way to avoid some cracking or chipping, in which instance we can also assist with the touching up process, which will have your car looking like new.

We choose to make use of paint safe glue tabs and pulling apparatuses, offering the most effective result with the least potential for paint damage, while our staff are also up to date on the best and latest techniques for dent removal.

We are based in Atlantic Hills Business Park, which is a central location within the greater Cape Town area, and specialise in speedy delivery at a cost that is less than you would expect. Along with our paintless dent removal services, we can also provide panel beating, spray painting and major structural repairs for vehicles.

We are also on the panel with various insurance companies, which we work closely with to ensure the most streamlined process, while we are also GWM and Geely factory approved.

Whether you have suffered an annoying ding at a parking lot, been a victim of the sudden wind in Cape Town, or are looking to rejuvenate the look of your car after years of accumulated knocks, contact Dents ‘N All today.

Our consultants will gladly provide you with an obligation free quote and expert assistance, no matter the extent of the damage.

  • The cost is considerably less than a body shop repair
  • The work is environmentally friendly as no chemicals or paints are used in the process.
Paintless Dent Removal
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