5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Vehicles Paint Job

16 January 2023

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Maintaining your vehicle’s paint job can be straightforward in itself, but definitely takes a bit of dedication over time. In most cases, your car is your most valuable asset. The paintwork is what gives a car its identity, even after considering its make and model. Whether stock standard or something custom, taking care of your paint will ensure your car looks good as well as maintains its value over time. Here are a few tips on how to protect your car’s paint job without having to deal with a gigantic bill.

Follow a wash-up routine

Always try to keep high-quality car shampoo around, and if nothing else is available absolutely avoid substituting them with products you may find around the house. Many will choose dish soap or laundry detergent as an alternative, however, these include chemicals that can damage and degrade your vehicle’s paint. If you don’t have the right soap at home, take your car out to the car wash for professional work and a wax finish. Always avoid using rough cleaning material such as scrub sponges or brushes, rather use a soft sponge or cleaning gloves to best protect the life of your paint.

Avoid extreme temperature changes

Extreme weather has a detrimental effect on your vehicle’s paint job, whether searing heat or battering storms, these elements can chip, scratch, fade and bubble your paint when leftover time. Paint under these conditions can expand and contract which can cause cracking. These cracks, in turn, can lead to water seeping through and creating a moisture build-up underneath. Left over time and this causes rust to develop and spread beneath the paint, causing long-lasting and impactful damage. While tough to avoid, the damage can be controlled and at times fully avoided by keeping your car parked in a garage where the constant room temperature and covering from the elements keeps your car protected from unwanted damage.

Removing animal droppings

Not just a nuisance but also problematic for your car paint, always use warm, soapy water and gently rub droppings off with a soft washing glove or sponge. Animal droppings, especially many birds, have abrasive chemicals that can degrade and eat away at the paint if left to lie. Getting these elements off the paint as soon as possible is the best way to ensure a higher quality paint job for longer.

Protect from roughness

Just like skin, vehicle paint also needs to be protected from roughness such as small stones and rough cloths. Scratches can even be the result of using sub-par or dirty cleaning items. With smooth, soft, effective cleaning items you can perfectly remove marks and debris without damaging the paint itself.

Together the above tips should keep your vehicle’s paint job protected as much as possible. Regular cleaning is the first step, but waxing and buffing your car from time to time also helps to keep it tip-top. As an asset you need, taking care of your car ensures you can do what you need.



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