How is new paint matched to damaged vehicle body parts?

16 January 2023

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So, you’ve had a bit of an incident and now need the damaged part of your car repaired.

What you do not want, of course, is the repair to feature paint colour that’s not a match to the rest of your car. The fix needs to be slick, professional and unnoticeable – not something resembling a quilt.

To get the right result you need a professional team that has the experience, modern equipment and technical skills to make the affected area look like new.

Here’s how such a team would go about matching new paint to the rest of your car:

For starters, most modern vehicles have a paint code included in the car specs. This code is used to start the process, with the painter of your car and paint supplier then working to adjust the mix to find the shade that most closely resembles your pride and joy.

To refine the process even better, some paint suppliers and stores use computerised cameras and other hi-tech equipment – although, in the end, the final call is in the eyes of the painter – which is why it is so important to contract seasoned professionals to do the job.

Painters also use a technique called “blending” where the new paint covers more than the affected area – applying less of the new paint the further away from the repaired area he/she gets.

Finally, a clear coat is applied to protect the paint.

Close, but not always a cigar

The reality of course is that, sometimes, it’s irrelevant how good the painter is – a trained eye may still pick up some variances from different angles and in a different light . . . especially metallic paints that contain flakes to give it that bright appearance in sunshine.

Your best match will come with experience, which is what you can expect from the team at Dents N All. Our paintless dent removal process may save you from this process altogether.

Either way, our workshop is equipped and staffed to deliver the best results regardless of the scale of damage requiring attention.

We invite you to get in touch with our team, we are eager to assist.



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