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16 January 2023

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We offer paintless dent removal services

The paintless dent removal process is interesting because we use specialised tools, equipment and techniques to release the pressure and restore metal shapes to their original state. Our team of specialists will focus their efforts on delivering impeccable service.

Major structural repairs

Dents N All offers major structural repairs for damages caused by collisions. We use innovative technology and equipment to ensure that your vehicle is stretched back to its original body shape. One of the equipments we use is the chassis straightening machine, which has been designed to stretch damaged cars to their manufacturer’s body and chassis measurements.

Spray painting

Included in our range of services is spray painting, which is done with high-quality Glasurit water base finishes. Glasurit is one of the leading international spraypaint manufacturers to date; this is thanks to their innovative paint products and systems that provide exceptional refinishing results.

 For more information on our range of services, contact us today to speak to one of our friendly consultants.



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