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16 January 2023

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Damage to vehicles can be a major hassle to repair, and normally results in unnecessary expenses and lengthy periods of waiting. At the point when your vehicle is damaged, you want to get it back in shape and on the road with as little time and cost as possible. Dents ‘n’ All offers just this sort of expert service, ensuring proficient standards, an exclusive standard of technical expertise, top-notch workmanship and dedicated customer service to all clients and a wide range of vehicle types, makes, and models. Based conveniently in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, dents and All’s highly experienced personnel will guarantee that your vehicle comes back to you as good as new in as little time as possible.

Dents ‘n’ All, a spray painting company in Cape Town, offers various distinctive services, all upheld by our consumer satisfaction guarantee. The spray painting service is one specific speciality, all done utilizing a state-of-the-art Aero Cure spray booth and baking oven, and additionally, a preparation booth furnished with an air filter to guarantee that absolutely no contaminants meddle with the paint and all preparations are done with the latest dry-flatting system. Also, the paint mixing room uses a mixing bank, while all colour matching is handled by a computerized control system, ensuring precise shades on every coat.

For structural, Dents ’n’ All’s panel-beating division offers world-class repair work that leaves your vehicle looking undamaged. We use high-end floor-mounted machines to deal with heavy-duty restructuring and are equipped with all the required clamps, chains, anchors, attachments and porta-packs to handle almost any type of repair work, from minor ‘fender benders’ to major structural damage. A chassis bench is also utilized for structural and chassis repair where precise laser measuring is required. All these technological tools allow for an extremely high quality of repair work on a wide range of types of damage.

Dents ‘n’ All takes pride in having the capacity to offer customers transportation to and from the repair shop (both to deliver the vehicle for repairs, and on collection), removing the often-hassling necessity of needing somebody to make the journey with you.



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